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Are You Typical?

Awesome Video by National Geographic. I was highly entertained. So are you typical?

Type F – The Stiletto

I wish I can wear stilettos or even high heels (2 3/4 is the max I’ll go). Expert tips from Tyra. I love her sense of humor in this video.

Type F – The Trench Coat

Great tips for Petite Girls and Curvy Girls in this video on how to wear a Trench Coat.

Petite Girls – Wear Straight trenches rather than flared ones to look taller

Curvy Gals – Get a tailor to cinch the trench at the waist to flatter your figure.

I love Tyra. She keeps it straight.

"The Hills" on MTV

I am not a big fan of The Hills, but I like Lauren Conrad. She’s likable. I just like the gossip on the show. I don’t know how much of The Hills is scripted or real, but whenever I catch it, I get sucked into the story.
Well on March 30, 2009, Season 5 of The Hills starts. I was this trailer and even though I don’t watch the show, I felt emotional to Lauren and Heidi hopefully renewed friendship from what the trailer presented.

ABDC – Quest Crew

I love the Quest Crew on the 3rd season of American’s Best Dance Crew. They are hillarious and very good.
Check them out from this video challenge of Britney Spears “Toxic”.