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A Cake Made For Kings

Being born and raised in New Orleans, makes me a stickler for tradition. Every year around this time, I hunt high and low for King Cakes – the best of the best. Considering I now live in Houston, most of the time I have to settle for sub par King Cake. ::shivers::: Ugh.

King Cakes are like a gigantic twisted or braided doughnut, top with Purple, Green, and Gold sugar and icing. And it comes in so many flavors. The traditional flavor is cinnamon. But I have eaten it with cream cheese, berries, pralines, and even chocolate!

Target in Houston carries an assortment of King Cakes for CHEAP – $5 a cake that feeds 4-6 people. Not bad.

This year I purchased my first King Cake (we eat a cake each week) at Whole Foods. I just thought Whole Foods = more healthy? I have to keep my New Year’s dieting resolution in check somehow.

I purchased a Berry Chantilly flavor which was filled with cream cheese, strawberries and blueberries. Delish! But only I ate it. My husband didn’t like the berries. He rather eat traditional. So this upcoming week, I’m in search for a traditional flavored King Cake.

Cheesecake Bistro on St. Charles in New Orleans

Whenever I visit my in laws, I have to take a trip to New Orleans. I have to say that I miss New Orleans’ cuisine more than anything. My favorite place to dine is Cheesecake Bistro. I miss it’s Spinach and Artichoke dip. I have not found another restaurant that is comparable to Cheesecake Bistro in regards to food or the size of it’s menu. Massive selection, I tell you.

Cheesecake Bistro was originally called Straya’s. I went to my Prom dinner with a group of 20 at Straya’s. Very memorable evening in my life. A bit more info on this place: it’s late owner is Al Copeland, the restaurateur who created Popeyes Chicken franchise.

My husband had the Crawfish Ravioli.

My usual: Stacked Eggplant Napoleon.

If any one is in the New Orleans area, give this restaurant a try. They also recently started a Sunday Brunch Buffet deal with live music. I haven’t had time to experience this yet but hopefully one day.

Biloxi, MS Trip Recap

Home for the holidays. To our family home is between Lousiana and Mississippi. My husband’s family resides in Biloxi, MS, also known as the Vegas of the South. I really do like Biloxi. It’s a small town with close knit ties. The atmosphere is very relaxing and calm. Unlike New Orleans, the views are gorgeous hillside trees and spacious expanse of skies so blue.

After Hurricane Katrina, unfortunately many places closed down. The big hotels all renovated, upping the luxe and the charm. Biloxi was hit hard and many of its streets are bare. Majority like my husband’s family moved more inland towards the city of D’Iberville. Along the Sangani Blvd, a whole new community was born. Sprawling with restaurants, shops, and new homes, everything is within 1 mile. It’s amazing how this area became the epic center of live in southern Mississippi.

And what trip would this be without a shopping excursion to the outlet mall.

Banana Republic
What amazes me is the vast differences in clothing from one store to another. Look at what I found:

The classic trench that I tried on in Houston was black. I found the exact same one in a tan color. It was alot cheaper than Houston. Houston was $99 unfortunately with no other sale. In Biloxi, it was $99 + 40% off. I still debated whether a black would suit me better. However my husband and my sister in law thought a tan colored trench is more classic and adds a different color to my wardrobe.

J. Crew is another store that I did not purchase anything from while in Houston. But in Biloxi, the deals just were too good to pass up. There was a 40% off on most items + an additional 20% when checking out. I grabbed that field jacket that gave my outfit an edge in my earlier post. I also picked up this:

Striped sweater – I probably have many striped sweaters but the color blocked sleeves caught my eye. The shoulders are like capped sleeves but continued with a color block ribbing down the arms. It’s different than any sweater I have.

I love the color purple. This satiny purple invitation clutch would have been a steal but I talked myself out of purchasing it. I had already purchased way too many purses this holiday season. But I am going to put this on my radar when I have the need for it. Lovely clutch…

After an eventful shopping day, we gorged ourselves on sushi! It has been a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNG time since I had good sushi. In Houston, you have to go towards downtown for GOOD sushi or the one in Richmond, TX which is about 20 minutes drive. However, I would be the only one making that drive since my husband and kids don’t like sushi. My husband will eat the Hibachi rice or anything terriyaki but no sushi.

Good thing my SIL loves sushi!

I got the Cowboy Roll (bottom) which is snow crab, steamed asparagus & cream cheese rolled inside, topped with thinly sliced seared, fresh filet mignon and red flying fish roe, served with samurai style medium spicy bbq eel sauce.

My SIL got the Pink Lady which contains fresh salmon, snow crab, smelt roe, avocado, tuna and cream cheese in a roll wrapped with scarce pink soybean sheet, served with house mustard creamy sauce.

What is different about Samurai is that each table gets a selection of dipping sauces from wasabi sauce, spicy mayo, bbq eel, etc. Ahhhh, craving for the Cowboy Roll as of right now.

Definitely an enjoyable trip.

Your Age vs. Your Diet

“You are what you eat.” – Victor Lindlahr

What you eat affects many aspects of your life. Food remains the number 1 item to give your body the proper fuel and nutrition. The food that your put into your body dictates how your body process things. When eating moderately, the nutrition contributes to your bones, brains, and heart. Eating in excess, has a reverse affect on your body, adding more fat that easily clogs ateries and veins that prevent mobility and increases conception of diseases.

I live my life trying to balance every thing I eat. Yes, I get the intense cravings for Godiva chocolate but I know if I eat the entire box, my face will explode with acne and then I will see my weight increase within several days. Some people don’t care. But I know I’m vain enough to control my appetite. Vainity is my motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After my second child, Emma, was born, I noticed my weight barely budged from the scales. My doctor’s recommendation that I lose that weight now before it spiraled out of control – I was immediately afraid. I came across a Rachael Ray article regarding Super Foods and was surprised that I was probably not losing the weight because I wasn’t eating right for my age. I was only a year away from 30. According to Rachael Ray:

Best Foods for Your 20s are:
1. Eating Your Veggies especially those that contain Vitamin B and folate.
2. Coconut Water along with Bananas and sweet potato are low in calories and contains potassium – great for your skin.
3. Quinoa – a whole grain that ups the fiber content of your diet. You need to watch the refine flour in white bread and pasta – too much of these carbs tend to add to your weight quickly.
4. Low fat greek yogurt is great for Vitamin D for those non milk drinkers. You still need to find other vitamin D sourcces for your bones to prevent ostereoporis.
5. Frozen fruit as replacement of sugary foods. If you want that piece of chocolate, swap it for frozen fruit that is handy from your freezer.
6. Chicken and eggs to add protein to your body without the high contents of fat.

Best Foods for 30s:
1. Walnuts relieves stress and eating nuts decreases high blood pressure.
2. Oatmeal reduces cholestrol and contains stress relievers.
3. Edamame helps you sleep better.
4. Avocado contains a lot of folate that helps prevent birth defects in pregnancies such as cleft lip or palate.
5. Light tuna contains high omega 3s that fights depression and boosts fertility.
6. Lentils contains fiber and antioxidants.

Best Foods for your 40s:
1. Ginger regulates your blood pressure and helps out with your sex life too.
2. Kale helps out with your eye sight.
3. Cherries are great for reducing inflammation of your joints.
4. Salmon are high in omega 3s for your joints.
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is better for your heart.
6. Green Tea is essential to boost your metabolism and helps out with your memory.

Also check out The Doctors. They have several articles relate to Eating Right For Your Age

Foods are very important in fighting colds and maintaining every day health. I know if my throat hurts, Honey mixed in with hot water and a bit of lemon will soothe it almost instantly. Garlic and low fat plain yogurt and canberries helps keep yeast infections and UTIs away.

We live in a drug filled world. I rather try more natural ways to maintain my health. I hate taking medications. If I want my Vitamin D, I will drink milk or have a string cheese snack. Vitamin C – eat an orange. Folic Acid – eat my greens like spinach or avocado.

There’s so many foods that relates to my age. I am not going to pass it up and have something happen to me if I can prevent it.

My Breakfast – Denny’s Fit Slam Style

Scrambled Egg Whites, Spinach, Grape Tomato, Turkey Bacon, English Muffin

Several Sundays ago, I happened to breakfast at Denny’s. I’m thinking “OH MY GOD! What am I going to get here? Is there anything healthy?” I was surprised to see their Fit Fare menu options which are meals under 550 calories. I chose the FitSlam – 3 scramble egg whites, spinach, grape tomatoes, turkey bacon, with an English Muffin and a side of fruit. It was priced at $6.99 and I was stuffed. I didn’t even finish my fruit because I was so full.

I decided to go home and try recreating the dish. I used the following:
2 Eggs (I put in the yolk too)
handfull of Baby Spinach
5 Cherry Tomato (what I had on hand)
1 English Muffin with a slab of Strawberry Jelly
2 tbsp of Olive Oil

Heat frying pan on High with 2 tbsp of Olive Oil. When hot lower to Medium. Beat eggs with fork until consistent. Add Baby Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes to frying pan for 30 seconds. Add beat eggs to veggies, scrambling eggs at the same time, until eggs are cooked to your preference.

I didn’t have any bacon, so I just had a veggie style Fit Slam. I was pretty full. I ate only half of my English Muffin and cleaned off the scramble eggs and veggies. I would eat this again. It was very quick to make and delicious.

My husband does not like veggies so I swapped it out for deli sliced turkey. I used scissors to cut up turkey, added it to the frying pan with hot olive oil, just to cook it a bit. When it get kinda browning, I add the eggs and scrambled. He also had 1 English Muffin. No complaints from him so must have been okay for him.

Fresh Diet Update – 1 Year Later

It’s been a little over a year since I started the Fresh Diet. I do like the convenience of it. I go online, choose the days I want to receive meals, choose which items I want, and just wait for the cooler bag the night before. I had the meals delivered every day for 2 months. In those two months, I went from 140 lbs to 130 lbs. This includes working out 1 day a week for an hour. I am now getting the meals 1 day a week just to tide me over when I do not have anything in the fridge. There are many days when I wake and nothing is appealing and I don’t want cereal.

My diet is a lot different than my husband’s and my kids. I already have to cook each person geared to what they like, that I do not have time to make myself something. Fresh Diet gives me an option out. I think it is not a bad deal. I try to catch specials they run around the holidays to get a discount on the plans.

There is a special offer that Ends 10-22-2011. Go here: Fresh Diet

Kaeng Raeng- Natural Detox

I’m interested in trying this Kaeng Raeng detox cleansing program. The program consists of drinking a fruit powder mixed with water for 3 times a day, replacing your meals. The program lasts for 6 days or as short as 3 days. From the website Kaeng Raeng if you want to cleanse your system do the 3 day program along with eating raw fruits and veggies. If you want to lose weight, do the 6 day program.

From it’s website, it states:
Kaeng Raeng helps to:

– Jumpstart weight loss

– Remove toxins

– Bolster immunity

– Improve digestion

– Enhance skin and hair quality

– Relieve bloating

– Reduce cravings and overeating

The cost:

3 Day Program = $64.99

6 Day Program – $109.99

Use code LAUREN15 for 15% OFF. Code from Offer expires 10/19/11 at 11:59PM PST.

Bane Of My Existence – Smash Burger Fries

Yes they are damn good. The seasoning makes it worth gaining 5 extra pounds. The fries are delicious. Crunchy and tasty. I think it’s sprinkled with rosemary and a something that makes it sweet but not too sweet.

BUT you can feel it going to your arteries instantly. It is something I like to indulge eating once in a while. Just not every week. Possibly it could be a cheat for each month.

Yo Yo Diets

After having my 2nd baby, I was definitely heavier than I had ever been. The weight should have been dropping but it was not. It was actually increasing. I was scared to be overweight but I was exhausted trying to care for a 2 year old and a newborn. It wasn’t until my doctor told me at my woman’s wellness checkup “Lose the weight ASAP. You’re getting fat.” Wow, what a slap in the face.

What was more frustrating, was the daily comments from passerbys, waitresses, clients etc. “Oh, what a cute baby bump. When are you due?”

It was insulting to me. And embarrassing. I always had to say “Oh I just had the baby.” When I had her 5 months ago.

With my first, I had to lose 10 lbs, which took 10 months. With this 2nd one, 20 lbs to lose.

I’m glad to say after working out and portion controlling my diet, I lost 8 lbs in 2 months. I can fit in my old jeans again (unfortunately not my college jeans). I still have 12 lbs but now I’m very hopeful.

But what surprised me most, was the urgency I felt in needing to lose this weight. I also felt constant dredge. I also felt like I had to take these weight loss pills. I don’t like pills or medication of any type. However, when my physical trainer recommended a weight loss solution, I almost jumped at it. For one, it was coming from a certified trainer. He recommended a herbal cleanse, energy drinks and meal replacement shakes. He said it was made by a really reputable company with endorsed athletes and notable doctors on board.

Except it costs an arm and a leg.

Really expensive but it works with money back guarantee. Not this isn’t true. Just a gimmick and a ploy after I did my research. And the strange thing, it does work but like any medicated diet plan, it not guaranteed to keep working after you stop. Which isn’t how effective diet and weight loss supposed to work.

I have been exercising with 4 certified trainers over 10 years. This is the first time a trainer recommend something like this. He is a good trainer but I think he’s just thinking of his pocketbook more.

I cannot mention the name of this yo yo diet company. Apparently they do not like any type of publicity even good ones. There are some blogs about it but most blogs did not update their status. I tried contacting a user, but he only approved of my comment. He wouldn’t respond. So this company, who is supposedly, a great energy, weight loss, nutritional company wants everything hush hush. Strange indeed.

Fresh Diet Groupon

I know I haven’t updated my posts in a while. The food is still being delivered daily. I have finished my first 31 days and lost 5-6 lbs. I am very happy. The clothes are fitting a lot better.

I recently found a Groupon deal for the same $29 a day and I purchase 25 days worth of meals. It was very easy to contact Fresh Diet to add the 25 new days to my account. I was able to select meals right away for the new time period.

I realized that I do like the meals but the meals are beginning to repeat itself. I am seeing the same meals appear every 2 weeks. I know I should try a new dish sometimes but I like choosing meals I am familiar with. I have noticed a change in how I eat.

I haven’t been eating as well as I used to. I’m cheating more often. Meaning I go out to eat more often. The foods are not as tasty as I remember. I don’t think quality is an issue with Fresh Diet. I think it’s just me. The regularity of these meals are making my taste buds wilt. I think I might just suspend the meals for several weeks and start it back up later.