Cold Day Attire: Tweed + Black Turtleneck

Top: Splendid Turtleneck, Malang Tweed Jacket
Bottom: Citizens of Humanity Flare Ingrid Jeans
Shoes: Naturalizer Bates Booties

What’s so splendid about Splendid, the brand? Comfort, softness, and oh so fitted. My go to brands for turtlenecks have always been Express. I own like 10 Express turtlenecks. But these last two years, Express style have become more Club style fashion – more metallics, more ruffles, and less basic materials and cuts.

I turned to Forever21 to fill the void however, quality is nowhere near the Express turtlenecks. Many pilled within 2 wears. I already see rips and tears at the seams after only several washes. I then purchased a Gap Pure Body Turtleneck. Great quality and it does not fade. However the fabric is very thin so it doesn’t keep me very warm during colder days.

For a couple of years, I kept looking at Splendid and their line of turtlenecks. At $50+ a turtleneck, it is startling for me to spend for only 1 turtleneck. But during the Christmas sale, I decided to try through If I don’t like it, I could always return it.

The quality of Splendid WOWed me. It is thick and soft and very fitted. I love the feel of the material. However after several wears, I do see some pilling. But being that it’s black helped cover up the pillings.

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  1. I really like the tweed jacket paired with the sleek ponytail, very sophisticated! I also rely on GAP turtlenecks, such a staple in winter… I usually layer a skinny tank under them so I don’t get too chilly…

  2. I love the tweed jacket on you. Looks great! I agree, I love Splendid basics, they last a long time!

  3. I am totally the opposite of you. Turtlenecks seem restricting to me so I have like 1 or 2… Love the jacket, and so glad you found a great line of turtlenecks that are what you are looking for. And what is with the thin fabrics at gap…”tissue” they call it. OMG when I think of tissue it is to blow my nose, and let’s just say those things are not very sturdy sometimes…ewww sorry about that comment.

    • When I was younger, I hated to wear turtlenecks. I too felt restricted. Unfortunately, I kept getting sick with sinus infectiona and tonsillitis. My family doctor also practices in pressure points. He commented that if I wanted to stop the throat infections and such, I should cover up certain pressure points. You have a pressure point on each wrist and at the base of your throat. Meaning long sleeves and high neck shirts = turtlenecks.

      I had 4 cases of tonsillitis in a year that my doctor said “One more infection and you’re getting your tonsils removed!” I hate having surgery. I never had to have any type of surgery besides dental, so it scared me witless. I now sleep in turtlenecks! Even in the summer.

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