Torn for Ruffles

Top: Ruffle Sweater by Torn by Roony Kobo
Bottom: AT Loft Corduroy Slim Leg
Shoes: Seyechelles Knee High Boots
Acessories: Tourquoise Double Tier Necklace, AT Loft Teardrop Necklace

Do you see what I see when I look at those pictures? Beautiful sweater, not so great on me though. Everything looks ok until you look at the hips. Oh woe be, look how ruffles make me look?

Yes, yes. I should have known. I should have sent this sweater back. Unfortunately, I love ruffles way too much return it. I love the feel of the material and all the beautiful details. I wish it would not make my hips look so large. Backside is pretty good, but not the frontside.

Would you have kept the sweater or returned it?


About dietingfashions

Diets and fashions are two of my favorite subjects. Both are something that I deal with on a daily basis.

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  1. How much do you love the peplum lace detail? You could tuck this into a full skirt and show off the shoulders. Otherwise, I’d suggest a pencil skirt with heels? It’s beautiful! Try it with non pants 😉

  2. I can’t wear ruffles at all – they just make me look ten miles wide, which is not the desired effect! On the other hand, maybe you could try the shirt tucked under a skirt, so it wouldn’t hit on the hips? You are very slim anyway, no need to worry!!

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