BCBGMaxazria Short Ruffle Dress in Blue Sapphire

My search for a great dress for a wedding continues. Haute Look (referal, cashback) had a BCBGMaxazria sale, I had my eye on this Blue Ruffle Dress. The front is very flirty with the ruffles but the back is left bare which gives the dress a major WOW factor.

Unfortunately, on me, the WOW factor was diminished. I don’t know why but the dress made me look a lot wider from the backside. The pictures showed that I have a slight hunchback for some reason. Could it be the angle and lighting?

Bracelet: House of Harlow Leather and Crystal Bangle, Talullah Tu Tassle String Bracelet from ASOS
I was determined to keep the dress so I corralled my husband into taking this next set of pictures.

It was a lot better, but the pictures still showed that it was not a good dress for my body. The ruffles at my hips made me look a lot wider. Furthermore, the placement of that black strip against my back is too high up. It cut up my body from the back making me look short. I want a dress to elongate my body not splice it up.

It was a fun dress to consider. Sorry I had to return it.

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  1. Sorry to hear the dress didn’t work out – it’s a lovely color though πŸ™‚

  2. I hate it when one small construction detail ruins a whole dress and you have to say no. From the front, the dress looks beautiful on you – the color and halter are very flattering, but I agree – the back is way off. I think it’s the elliptical dip contrasted with the horizontal ribbon that creates this optical illusion of a hunched back. Such a shame, BCBG is usually a solid bet in my book. You should hit up the after-Christmas sales at Lord & Taylor and Bloomie’s – they always have a great selection of elegant cocktail dresses and the prices this time of year are awesome. Hope your next find is more fruitful! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, photos don’t lie. It’s only recently that I finally take a photo of everything I wear. Unfortunately, a lot of outfits I’ve worn are now cringe worthy.

      I will definitely try the sales after Christmas.

  3. Love the colors on this dress! Know you said you didn’t like the way the dress made your body look, however I think the color is lovely on you πŸ™‚

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