On The Hunt: The Leather Jacket

I always wanted a leather jacket. I think leather jackets are sexy, but also useful. I have only owned peacoats and other ladylike coats. I want something different now.

Mackage Rib Trimmed Leather Jacket

I have my eye on a Mackage Ribbed Leather Jacket. It is in the right price range I was searching for. However, my main concern with leather jackets is how I would look with it on. I am afraid that a leather jacket will overwhelm my body.

I am also thinking of purchasing just to try out the fit:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Leather Jacket

Mackage Zelda Leather Jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors Asymmetric-Zip Scuba Jacket

What do you look for in a coat?


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  1. Oh wow all of these choices are awesome! I definitely have the same concerns about leather jackets: if they’re too big or bulky, they can overwhelm a petite frame. Bombers that cinch at the waist can usually help you avoid that problem, ditto for scuba- and moto-style leather jackets – they’re a little bit cropped and form-fitting. Leather trenches made from a thinner or a softer leather can complement a small curvy shape, too (I’ve been trying to find one for a few seasons now). I’ve tried on a few Michael Kors leather jackets this season and they are fabulous in fit and in price!

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