Day 4

Today I became very hungry at the end of the day. But I’m pretty sure I’m losing weight. My jeans are starting to fit me again rather than be too tight. I was also able to button my jeans.

Breakfast; scrambled eggs with steamed spinach and whole wheat toast.
Rating: it was okay. The eggs filled me up and I was surprised that the spinach had a good balance with the eggs and toast.

Lunch: Philly cheese steak wrap
Rating: I liked the mushrooms though the steak was kind of tough.

Dinner: cod with corn and bean purée
Rating: dud not eat tonight. Went out for dinner

Snack 1: mandarin duck pancakes
Rating: different. It was grounded duck with a round wheat tortilla. Taste was okay. Duck does not taste like beef

Snack 2: sugar free cinnamon coffee cake.
Rating: sugar free?! Really? Tasted like it had sugar. More cinnamon than coffee taste. Wasn’t a cake slice more like muffin sized. I cheated and had it with a glass of milk.

Overall okay day but I didn’t eat dinner but went out for dinner. I feel a bit guilty for cheating.

About dietingfashions

Diets and fashions are two of my favorite subjects. Both are something that I deal with on a daily basis.

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